Debate: Social Networking Sites

“Thoughts about Social Networking Sites….?”

Last day I attended a session where I met with so many authors, writers, editors, businessman, entrepreneurs and common public.

There we discussed upon social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, My Space etc… we had a big debate on it. So many arguments, positive and negative thoughts were there.

In short I’m sharing this :

Businessman: Knowing lots of customers, potential customers, potential partners and people who can give you good advice. Will add to your ability to get things done and grow your business. That’s why social networking is so important.

Entrepreneur: Social networking on the internet is important in this day and age because the internet is the place to be for everything, people head to the internet to shop, to sell things, to learn things. To meet others and to find what they’re looking for. These sites and tools that make it very easy to connect with others.

Common public: We are agree that networking is important but what is about younger ones who are more prone to being addicted to social networking. They have taken to it like they might have to comic books or video games or smoking or some other fad of the generation.

Teenage and early adulthood is the time when we’re growing out of the secure cocoons of our home, and begin to come into contact with the outside world.

“At this stage when our young minds should be engaged in dealing with the realities of life and relationship, they are dipping their body and souls into virtual reality. You can never be sure into what the person is behind the profile that she/he has put up.”

Some don’t even live double lives. They just have one identity: Online. This also poses the threat of an addicted, avoid social net worker become an actual social outcast.

Another trouble is how when we live online, we live for others. We want to have more and more friends on our lists, so the world can see and we can boast about our ‘sociability‘.

Social networking is more bad than good, more ugly than both. Although it gives us a chance to know people from all over the world and make friends. In the we are losing our individuality, our identity whatever it may be: good, bad or ugly.

As a editor of this debate I must said everything has some Pros and Cons. So social networking sites also has both Pros and Cons:-


  • Increase social interaction and connection.
  • Useful for freshers and other unemployed.
  • This is fundamental building blocks of human societies
  • It is useful for communication.
  • Helpful in updates and adverse situation.


  • Negative distraction in education.
  • Destroying natural and healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • It leads to addiction of Internet as well as Gadgets
  • Additional effects as loneliness and social depression.

There are advantages of social networking sites and indeed it allows us to communicate with a wide variety of people and also allows us to make friends online.
That would not be a problem at all.
But what is happening around the world is normally due to the increasing popularity of Social Networking sites. Murder, rape and so on sometime happen due to friends that are made through Social networking sites. If those were to be the results of social networking sites, what is the necessity and what is so good about Social networking sites?
If there is a problem, we should solve it but what social networking sites are doing to the society is death and wrong relations between people who don’t know each other.

Share your thoughts also…!!!!


Desire of ‘Travelling’ whole world..!!

“Everyone wants to travel whole world but why and what will happen if we travel….. ?”


Travelling for me, is same as reading books. It gives me time to think, ideate, observe and learn now things like : culture, food, history, language and thoughts etc….

“Travel is my opinion, is the consequence of a restless mind. Travel to inspire themselves to write, travel for love but eventually travel to learn. People travel on business, travel for pleasure.”

“Travel is so important you will discover the new things. You will meet the people of the different culture. You will see how are they living, then you will talk to the people and this is what ?”

“It’s called the sharing of the culture and it will help in the broaden your mind and vision.”

“If you afraid from water go to river rafting, go for underwater diving. You afraid from heights Do bungee jumping, sky dive. Gaint swing. Try any of this.”


“When you are a kid, everything is astonishing you learn every second of your time, your brain is constantly working. But, as you grow older your smart brain figure out, how to create a good comfort zone for you and eventually you start following a routine. Your brain loves this comfort zone and this routine & finally it stop working.

It maps how the world in this zone works without using much efforts. That is the problem with routine. Here, travel helps you.

Your brain again starts working & absorbing things from the surrounding like kid. You again become a kid with same level of excitement & motivation.”

Travelling will help you make some beautiful memories. You are 75 years old you are talking to your grand children. You are showing them the photographs. Without travelling making these kind of memories is impossible. I think travel is everything to make happy everybody.

This is how I realized that travelling is the realization of home. When you travel you are exposed to a different sitting, a different language and a different way of living. All these elements mixed with a new and exciting adventure, make you realize your own home. Not just the physical location of home, but also your way of life and your outlook.


“Travelling is truly an enriching experience and I’m always excited for the discoveries that await me in my next adventure…!!!”






‘Dreams’ Desire..!!!!

All of us, when we just a kid, we all were ‘Dreamers‘. No dream seemed too big for us to accomplish at the age.

Sometimes ofcourse, we have to sacrifice our dreams, because for any reason of life. But this mean is not we can not do anything. We can make possibilities, but no need to realize we became failure for achieving anything.

People being to tell us that we couldn’t do the things we wanted. It is impossible. Get a job or take care of our business, be dependable, be content !!

We know that it is hard to hold on to our dreams. It is hard to believe when the world around and those around us give us no reason to pursue or continue with our dreams.

But one thing we know for certain is “we’ll never fulfil a dream that we let go of..”

The distance between Dream and Reality is called “Action”. So we have to now stand up and act on it.

“We can only leave footprints when we walk.”

“Remember, one good thing about dream is that they don’t come with expiry date. So always take a deep breath and try again. Don’t let anything keep us from dreaming.”

There is no place on the earth where the dreams seem to be unachievable, except one “our own thinking”.

Therefore don’t waste your precious energy doubting our dream, rather look and understand our capabilities and utilize our potential in accomplishing it.



“Hope in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality….!!!!!”


Who want ‘Corruption’? Is it someone’s Desire ?

“Corruption is the major problem today. Is it someone’s desire ? Why everybody face this ?”

Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon which is fundamentally due to lack of ethical behavior.

“I think firmly that this problem is the most important factor that makes our country among the third world countries, given that most developed countries managed to eradicate corruption relatively.”

“So how can we root out such a serious problem that is still threatening our economy and society ?”

First of all I believe and I suggest including a subject of ‘Good Manners‘ or ‘Ethical Behaviors‘ in education system in order to prepare a honest workers for the future of our country.

I think that not only the state but also NGOs, mass media, political parties and the society in general must fight against corruption.

I think that is implemented ineffectively, that is why I’m writing about corruption, why I need to do this ?, why I left all my work and try to do my best to learn all the mechanism which will help me to resist this ‘evil’.

“We often blame the government for their failure in checking corruption. But it is time to realize that it is more a question of public morality, of individual conscience and initiative than efficient administration to eradicate all such vices and corruptions.”

Desire to be live with ‘Happiness’ or with ‘Money’ only…!!

“Will a piece of paper become more important than life ?”

“Why is that we feel that Money is very important ?”

“Early morning we wake up with so much worries, thoughts, problems, need, ideas, questions etc..etc…”

  • If we keep worrying about the future we will forever have an anxiety syndrome.
  • If we keep worrying about the past we will be in a depressive syndrome.
  • If we do both we will be anxiously depressed.

It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, young or old, healthy or infirm. If we live in the present we can find ‘Happiness‘.

“As I’m writing this my heart is crying thinking about those new born babies who have to see poverty growing up, 

My soul is feeling so cramped with this notion that we have limited the natural ‘Happiness‘ that is universal and unlimited by our own invention called ‘Money‘.”

“why things can’t be simple, how can i bring people close to themselves when they are last in this vicious circle ?  

Share thoughts on this…!!!” be Extremely $uccessful in life!!

“Everything should be possible by Habits !!”

  • Be Proactive: should be aggressive or insensitive. Self consciousness and ability to choose how we response to any stimulus.
  • Learning: How I assure directly our problem caused by our own behavior,

“first understand yourself after than others.”

  • Being with the end in mind: Imagination… personal sense of purpose with objective and desired outcomes.

“Start with clear Understanding with clear Destination.”

  • Synergize: it is creative cooperation. Collection of experience and expert ideas through those, will become greater than sum of all.

 “Two head are better than one”

  • Understand or Understood: communication effectively, listen carefully these two are not only the part of habit, best is Understanding both and revert back what we Understood.
  • Think Positive: “Attitude of Mind”   self awareness, imagination, conscience, independent and also mutual benefits.

 “How our mind reat towards others ?” “mostly learn our self worth on Comparisons and Competitions.” 

“To achieve our Goal/ Wish/ Desire everybody should bring all these Habits for Successful life.”

“Plants” wish..??

“If I say Desire only I’ve or wishes/wants only a human being has , no it is not true . !!”   

Can any one understand what ‘Plants’ want ? What does ‘Mansoon’ want ? No we don’t know, no one can understand pain for plants, trees, rain, mansoon etc.

“I think people should stop cutting down trees.”

“Natural Air, Rain water is pure… it is formed from avaporation of moisture. Largely from the ocean and river.

              Water can easily be stored for late use. Mansoon provides idea environment for including growth in plants as the low tempreatures & humudity help the roots saving into action.”

“This is the time when we don’t need to put much efforts in the growth of plants, rainy season is the time for secured flowers, such as Jasmine, lotus, lily etc to bloom, as the same time there are also some vegetables which can help to beautify our kitchen garden, a garden adds value to our home and gives a pleasant appeal.” 

“That’s why people should spread the facts about, this is the right time to introduce “New Plant” in the garden.”