Debate: Social Networking Sites

“Thoughts about Social Networking Sites….?”

Last day I attended a session where I met with so many authors, writers, editors, businessman, entrepreneurs and common public.

There we discussed upon social networking sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, My Space etc… we had a big debate on it. So many arguments, positive and negative thoughts were there.

In short I’m sharing this :

Businessman: Knowing lots of customers, potential customers, potential partners and people who can give you good advice. Will add to your ability to get things done and grow your business. That’s why social networking is so important.

Entrepreneur: Social networking on the internet is important in this day and age because the internet is the place to be for everything, people head to the internet to shop, to sell things, to learn things. To meet others and to find what they’re looking for. These sites and tools that make it very easy to connect with others.

Common public: We are agree that networking is important but what is about younger ones who are more prone to being addicted to social networking. They have taken to it like they might have to comic books or video games or smoking or some other fad of the generation.

Teenage and early adulthood is the time when we’re growing out of the secure cocoons of our home, and begin to come into contact with the outside world.

“At this stage when our young minds should be engaged in dealing with the realities of life and relationship, they are dipping their body and souls into virtual reality. You can never be sure into what the person is behind the profile that she/he has put up.”

Some don’t even live double lives. They just have one identity: Online. This also poses the threat of an addicted, avoid social net worker become an actual social outcast.

Another trouble is how when we live online, we live for others. We want to have more and more friends on our lists, so the world can see and we can boast about our ‘sociability‘.

Social networking is more bad than good, more ugly than both. Although it gives us a chance to know people from all over the world and make friends. In the we are losing our individuality, our identity whatever it may be: good, bad or ugly.

As a editor of this debate I must said everything has some Pros and Cons. So social networking sites also has both Pros and Cons:-


  • Increase social interaction and connection.
  • Useful for freshers and other unemployed.
  • This is fundamental building blocks of human societies
  • It is useful for communication.
  • Helpful in updates and adverse situation.


  • Negative distraction in education.
  • Destroying natural and healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • It leads to addiction of Internet as well as Gadgets
  • Additional effects as loneliness and social depression.

There are advantages of social networking sites and indeed it allows us to communicate with a wide variety of people and also allows us to make friends online.
That would not be a problem at all.
But what is happening around the world is normally due to the increasing popularity of Social Networking sites. Murder, rape and so on sometime happen due to friends that are made through Social networking sites. If those were to be the results of social networking sites, what is the necessity and what is so good about Social networking sites?
If there is a problem, we should solve it but what social networking sites are doing to the society is death and wrong relations between people who don’t know each other.

Share your thoughts also…!!!!


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