Desire of ‘Travelling’ whole world..!!

“Everyone wants to travel whole world but why and what will happen if we travel….. ?”


Travelling for me, is same as reading books. It gives me time to think, ideate, observe and learn now things like : culture, food, history, language and thoughts etc….

“Travel is my opinion, is the consequence of a restless mind. Travel to inspire themselves to write, travel for love but eventually travel to learn. People travel on business, travel for pleasure.”

“Travel is so important you will discover the new things. You will meet the people of the different culture. You will see how are they living, then you will talk to the people and this is what ?”

“It’s called the sharing of the culture and it will help in the broaden your mind and vision.”

“If you afraid from water go to river rafting, go for underwater diving. You afraid from heights Do bungee jumping, sky dive. Gaint swing. Try any of this.”


“When you are a kid, everything is astonishing you learn every second of your time, your brain is constantly working. But, as you grow older your smart brain figure out, how to create a good comfort zone for you and eventually you start following a routine. Your brain loves this comfort zone and this routine & finally it stop working.

It maps how the world in this zone works without using much efforts. That is the problem with routine. Here, travel helps you.

Your brain again starts working & absorbing things from the surrounding like kid. You again become a kid with same level of excitement & motivation.”

Travelling will help you make some beautiful memories. You are 75 years old you are talking to your grand children. You are showing them the photographs. Without travelling making these kind of memories is impossible. I think travel is everything to make happy everybody.

This is how I realized that travelling is the realization of home. When you travel you are exposed to a different sitting, a different language and a different way of living. All these elements mixed with a new and exciting adventure, make you realize your own home. Not just the physical location of home, but also your way of life and your outlook.


“Travelling is truly an enriching experience and I’m always excited for the discoveries that await me in my next adventure…!!!”







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