Who want ‘Corruption’? Is it someone’s Desire ?

“Corruption is the major problem today. Is it someone’s desire ? Why everybody face this ?”

Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon which is fundamentally due to lack of ethical behavior.

“I think firmly that this problem is the most important factor that makes our country among the third world countries, given that most developed countries managed to eradicate corruption relatively.”

“So how can we root out such a serious problem that is still threatening our economy and society ?”

First of all I believe and I suggest including a subject of ‘Good Manners‘ or ‘Ethical Behaviors‘ in education system in order to prepare a honest workers for the future of our country.

I think that not only the state but also NGOs, mass media, political parties and the society in general must fight against corruption.

I think that is implemented ineffectively, that is why I’m writing about corruption, why I need to do this ?, why I left all my work and try to do my best to learn all the mechanism which will help me to resist this ‘evil’.

“We often blame the government for their failure in checking corruption. But it is time to realize that it is more a question of public morality, of individual conscience and initiative than efficient administration to eradicate all such vices and corruptions.”


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