Desire to be live with ‘Happiness’ or with ‘Money’ only…!!

“Will a piece of paper become more important than life ?”

“Why is that we feel that Money is very important ?”

“Early morning we wake up with so much worries, thoughts, problems, need, ideas, questions etc..etc…”

  • If we keep worrying about the future we will forever have an anxiety syndrome.
  • If we keep worrying about the past we will be in a depressive syndrome.
  • If we do both we will be anxiously depressed.

It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, young or old, healthy or infirm. If we live in the present we can find ‘Happiness‘.

“As I’m writing this my heart is crying thinking about those new born babies who have to see poverty growing up, 

My soul is feeling so cramped with this notion that we have limited the natural ‘Happiness‘ that is universal and unlimited by our own invention called ‘Money‘.”

“why things can’t be simple, how can i bring people close to themselves when they are last in this vicious circle ?  

Share thoughts on this…!!!”


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