“Plants” wish..??

“If I say Desire only I’ve or wishes/wants only a human being has , no it is not true . !!”   

Can any one understand what ‘Plants’ want ? What does ‘Mansoon’ want ? No we don’t know, no one can understand pain for plants, trees, rain, mansoon etc.

“I think people should stop cutting down trees.”

“Natural Air, Rain water is pure… it is formed from avaporation of moisture. Largely from the ocean and river.

              Water can easily be stored for late use. Mansoon provides idea environment for including growth in plants as the low tempreatures & humudity help the roots saving into action.”

“This is the time when we don’t need to put much efforts in the growth of plants, rainy season is the time for secured flowers, such as Jasmine, lotus, lily etc to bloom, as the same time there are also some vegetables which can help to beautify our kitchen garden, a garden adds value to our home and gives a pleasant appeal.” 

“That’s why people should spread the facts about, this is the right time to introduce “New Plant” in the garden.”


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